Group Exercise

The Lifestyles Group Exercise Programme has been designed to provide a variety of work-outs with different intensities to suit the needs of members and visitors of all levels. From the newcomer to the seasoned fitness fanatic, we have something for you.

Group Exercise classes are an interesting and social way to improve overall fitness and conditioning. As with everything else about Lifestyles, we focus on creating an environment that you enjoy being in, because that way we can all focus on getting fit and staying healthy.

All of our group classes take place over 45 minutes unless otherwise stated, and require appropriate footwear be worn. We also advise that you pre-book group classes to ensure yourself a space, and give at least twenty-four hours’ notice when cancelling. Be aware that, if you repeatedly fail to cancel, you may not be allowed to continue pre-booking.

We welcome Junior Members (12-15 years olds) to group classes – but they should attend only with the full supervision of a parent/guardian. Juniors are not permitted to use weights of any kind during classes, and body weight exercises will be offered accordingly. As such, access to kettlebell classes is not permitted. Classes are free of charge to Juniors who are part of a family membership, otherwise full price will be charged.

Specialist Classes have been designed to provide a wider variety to the Group Exercise Programme. Take a look here to see what we’re currently offering.

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June Class Challenge 2024

Can you attend the most classes in June? We’re looking for the top attendee to our classes. Why not join in an up-beat Zumba class, go the distance in Group Cycling, work out to the max in Body Blast to calm your soul in Yoga… this challenge is perfect for anyone needing encouragement to join […]

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May Challenge: Cycle a Half/Full Marathon

Get ready to ‘tour de bike’ your way though a half or full marathon!
Challenge yourself to make it to the end, by completing either 21km (half) or 42km (full).

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Les Mills Taster Session – Saturday 20th April

Have you tried a ‘Les Mills’ group exercise class? Now’s the chance to join in!

Les Mills provide the freshest exercise trends, fusing science, music, movement and ground-breaking technology, and doing whatever possible to make life-changing fitness experiences more accessible.

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April Challenge: Calorie Burner

Team up and challenge yourself to see if you can burn the most calories.

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