Fitness Journey

We’re all on a fitness journey and the key is to set your goal. If you know where you’re aiming for, it’s a lot simpler to make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Staying motivated is crucial to healthy living. It’s so easy to give up, especially when you’re not sure you’re doing the right things. That’s why we’ve developed a range of tools to help you map your progress and keep on track.

We can put together a personal fitness programme tailored precisely to you. We can harness digital technology with our Wellness Key system, so you can track your exercise and make sure it’s doing what it should. And we can keep you motivated if the going ever gets slower than you’d like.

Encouraging fitness is all part of the Lifestyles ethos, and we like to make things easy while we’re at it. Your fitness journey matters to you and to us. Together, we’ll get you where you’re going, but better.

MyWellness System

The mywellness system has been developed by the Lifestyles team, in partnership with Technogym, to help everyone visiting our centres get the most out of their exercise. The system has been designed to be accessible, easy to use – and effective.

Lifestyles Wellness Band

The Lifestyles Wellness Band is a fantastic little gadget that will help enhance your use of the app and give you all the tools you need to get fit and stay healthy. Simply scan your Lifestyles Wellness Band to load either your own training regime or one you have agreed with your trainer. Connect your […]

Personal Training

Our personal trainers can support you and guide you towards your goals. From eating the right food to choosing the right exercises, and everything in between.

Wellbeing Consultation

We all want to know that we’re as healthy as we can be – and like to have a sense of what our body is made of. This is especially true when we’re engaging with physical activity: it’s good to know that we can check up every now and then on our progress. That’s where the Lifestyles Body M.O.T. & TANITA sessions come in.

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