Hamish McCauley


*TRIAL OFFER – 3 sessions for £50*



When I was 110kg I felt trapped, ashamed, and frustrated that no matter what I did I just couldn’t change the way I felt about myself.

I managed to lose 35kg over 4 years, and in that time I transformed my body, my mind and my lifestyle, fast forward to now…

Armed with a lot of knowledge, & experience as a personal trainer, I help people that are in a similar position to where I was, overcome their limiting beliefs on what is possible, and use fitness as a tool to improve every aspect of their lives.

I’m a huge foody & I love most forms of activity & adventuring, using my newfound health & fitness to explore what my body is capable of & experience what the word has to offer.

We don’t do restrictive dieting or hours of cardio to lose weight.

We do results.


Apply for our trial here: https://api.leadconnectorhq.com/widget/form/zvmcr3afZ9WqsXrzQFYS

or contact me here:



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