Hamish McCauley


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Personal Trainer


My name is Hamish.

I help men and women get toned and strong by burning body fat and revealing that lean muscle!

We work by meeting you where you are, finding what challenges you may be facing and WHY things arent working, then together we build a plan to get you looking and feeling how you want to.

Whether your new to the gym or you’ve been around awhile but your not getting the results your after.

Be sure to ask around for Strongbodies at reception, or be on the lookout for the guy in orange!


  • Fat loss
  • Muscle toning
  • Nutrition & lifestyle coaching
  • Body recomposition
  • Movement performance
  • Athletic development
  • Muscle gain
I have experience in coaching a wide range of different exercise modalities ranging from kettlebells, functional training and weightlifting to strongman, powerlifting and bodyweight training.
Using a mixture of different movements allows us more flexibility while we break down those challenges your currently facing and get you closer to your goals.
We have multiple ways we can work together, Book in a free strategy meeting with myself below so we can find the best path for you!

Based at:
The Alan Higgs Centre
The Wave
Xcel Leisure Centre

Interesting fact:

My mission is to make health and fitness accessible, simple and enjoyable, it’s about small changes, guidance and consistency, whatever your goals are, that first step is always the most daunting because you feel like your alone, well your not, we have all been where you are right now, keep going!

Client testimony:

“I have thoroughly enjoyed my PT service, following this training plan i have managed to already make amazing progress and will continue to do so Hamish has also offered support over messages, video calls and in personal training sessions which has helped massively with my confidence and motivation, I massively recommend this PT service as i genuinely believe that he is offering a top class service”

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Xcel Leisure Centre
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The Alan Higgs Centre
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Moat House Leisure Centre
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