I will design a personalised nutrition plan including your favourite foods, paired with a workout program that will ensure the achievement of your fitness goals.



Diet Analysis & Nutritional Advice

Body Recomposition

Muscle Tone

Muscle Gain

Weight Loss

Athletic Performance

I am also knowledgeable in weightlifting and alternative training methods, such as functional training, kettlebells, bodyweight, and I will provide a mixture of these methods in a training program, to ensure muscle gain and body toning but also joint stabilization, and injury prevention. Multiple options available, such as in-person and online training and nutrition plans.

Get in contact with me to find the program most suited for you and start your fitness journey.



Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 3 GP Referral

Level 3 First Aid at work

Level 4 Lower Back Pain

Level 4 Nutrition & Weight Management

Master Kettlebell Instructor

Master TRX-Suspension Trainer

Boxing & Self-Defence Instructor

Performance Coach for Athletes



Phone number/WhatsApp: 07562566929

Instagram: coachfloww

Facebook: Flow Personal Training

Mail:  dirlauflorin@yahoo.com

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