October Challenge: Ketchup If You Can

Join this challenge and see if you can cycle the most kms in October!

Running from: 1st October to 31st October 2022

What you’ll need:
A Mywellness account to track your kms.

Join the challenge to ensure you track your score!

Here’s a few ways to get involved in this months challenge….

Join in the Gym

At all of our centres, our gyms are kitted out with plenty of Technogym bikes in the gym for you and your friends to generate those kms!

And if you are attending at Centre AT7, The Alan Higgs Centre, Xcel Leisure Centre or The Wave, you’ll also have the option for a scenic route on the screen from routes from across the world.


Members – FREE
Pay as you go
£7.00 Standard
£6.80 Go CV
£4.50 Go CV + Concession

Moat House Pay as you go:
£5.80 Standard

Join in our classes: Group Cycle / Indoor Cycling and Hydrorider

What better way to challenge yourself is to do it cycle with friends, family or socialise with other Lifestyles members!

Across all of our centres, we have group cycling / indoor cycling sessions available mornings, mid-day and evenings. And for those looking for a challenge or needing a little bit of resistance, at Centre AT7 and Xcel Leisure Centre, our hydrorider sessions are also available in the pool!

For more information, see our available sessions below:

Centre AT7
– Mondays 7:15pm Hydrorider
– Tuesdays 7:00am Group Cycle
– Tuesdays 9:00am Group Cycle
– Tuesdays 6:15pm Hydrorider
– Wednesdays 12pm Hydrorider
– Wednesdays 6:30pm Hydrorider
– Thursdays 6:15pm Group Cycle
– Fridays 7:00am Group Cycle
– Fridays 8:30am Hydrorider
– Sundays 9:00am Hydrorider

The Alan Higgs Centre
– Mondays 6:00pm Group Cycle
– Tuesdays 6:00pm Group Cycle
– Wednesdays 7:00pm Group Cycle
– Thursdays 9:00am Group Cycle
– Thursdays 6:20pm Group Cycle
– Fridays 9:00am Group Cycle
– Fridays 5:00pm Group Cycle
– Saturdays 9:00am Group Cycle
– Sundays 9:00am Group Cycle

The Wave
– Mondays 6:30pm Group Cycle
– Tuesdays 11:00am Group Cycle
– Tuesdays 6:30pm Group Cycle
– Wednesdays 10:30am Group Cycle
– Wednesdays 6:15pm Group Cycle
– Thursdays 12pm Group Cycle
– Saturdays 9:30am Group Cycle

Xcel Leisure Centre
– Mondays 9:05am Group Cycle
– Mondays 8:10pm Hydrorider
– Tuesdays 9:05am Group Cycle
– Wednesdays 9:05am Group Cycle
– Thursdays 9:05am Group Cycle
– Fridays 9:05am Group Cycle

Moat House Leisure Centre*
– Mondays 7:00pm Indoor Cycling
– Tuesdays 9:15am Indoor Cycling (30 mins)
– Wednesdays 9:15am Indoor Cycling (30 mins)
– Sundays 9:00am Indoor Cycling

Members – FREE
Pay as you Go
£6.50 Standard
£6.00 Go CV
£4.50 Go CV with Concession

Moat House Pay as you Go
£5.00 Standard
£3.80 Concession
£2.00 Junior

*Members who have Moat House Leisure Centre membership only are valid for the FREE member pricing at these centre sessions.

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