November Challenge: Canoe Believe it! Rowing Challenge

We canoe believe it! We have another challenge for your this November.

Who can Row the highest number of metres.

Can you top the leaderboard this month?

Running from: 1st November to 31st November 2022

Scan this QR code to download the mywellness app

What you’ll need:
A Mywellness account to track your metres!

Join the challenge to ensure you track your score!

Meet your lean, mean, Rowing Machine!

  • This machine works on multiple parts of your body from your upper arms (Deltoids, Biceps, Pecs), middle of your body (Abs, Triceps, Lats), upper back and your legs ( Glutes, Hamstrings, Quadriceps and Carves).
  • It’s a versatile machine is ideal for low impact and high intensity workouts with full-body strength training, core training, posture control and many more! This makes it perfect for anyone new to the gym or the hard core regulars who want to give their routine a boost.
  • As a low impact workout, this is perfect for those who don’t want to damage their weight-bearing joints (hips, ankles and knees).
  • The rowing machine is perfect for warming up to our main gym routine too, getting your body prepared for the workout ahead.
  • It’s also a fantastic way to zen out with it’s rhythm like movement.
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