9 months of Lifestyles membership have made a big difference for John

John Williamson has been a member of CV Life for almost nine months and his progress has been fantastic.

John originally started using CV Life fitness facilities just to see if he enjoyed being in a fitness environment and to see if he could see any difference to his body. He quickly learned that it was for him.

At first, John didn’t have any fitness goals as he was still testing the waters, but as his confidence grew, he began making gradual goals to meet, including reducing body fat percentage. Motivation became a huge issue for John; while he was working out, his diet was unbalanced so he wasn’t t reaping the benefits he deserved. Eventually, John decided to stop weighing himself as his weight wasn’t changing.

Along with introducing cardio into his routine, John gradually started to make changes to his eating habits which left him seeing a significant difference in the number he saw on the scales when finally decided to weigh himself again. He’d lost half a stone! This gave him the confidence and motivation he needed to carry on.

Five months later and John has lost three stone, dropping from a size 36 waist to a 32. Along with this, he has gained more control over his diet and eating habits – including cutting out the chocolate!

The cross trainer is a favourite of John’s, aiming for 40 minutes each morning before work, combining this with using weights and resistance exercises. One of John’s biggest achievements is on the triceps dip machine. He has gone from using the assisted machine to carrying out triceps dips completely unassisted.

These milestones and achievements – no matter how big or small – keep John motivated to continue his weight loss journey – it’s so important not to give up.

Exercise has helped John’s lifestyle in many ways – he now has a better perspective of what foods he should be eating and the quantities. Using the gym has made him more aware of the calories he consumes and how much work it takes to burn them off.

Knowing this has made John feel much more confident in himself and how he looks. He is the healthiest he has been for his whole adult life! John now finds everything so much easier to do, both physically and mentally; right from waking up and getting out of bed. He highly recommends using the gyms, they have changed his life.

If you’d like to discuss getting the most out of a new fitness routine, why not visit one of our Lifestyles facilities and speak to our friendly team? Alternatively, you can view our memberships packages by clicking here.

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