January Challenge: Top of the Class

Join us for our first challenge of 2023 to see how many classes you can attend!

With 150+ classes per week, there’s plenty to choose from and get involved in! Check out our range of classes by visiting your Mywellness app or visiting on our website at:

This challenge is great for those who are joining us in the new year or wanting to change up your classes for the new year and try something new!

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Running from: 4th January to 31st January 2023

What you’ll need:
A Mywellness account to track your attendances.
Join the challenge to ensure you track your score!
Book your classes via the Mywellness app.

Join the challenge to ensure you track your attendance!

Not quite sure where to start?
Here’s a few quick introductions to the types of classes we offer!

Aqua Classes: With the help of water resistance, these classes are perfect for those who are wanting to build endurance and burn calories. These classes are also good for those wanting to reduce joint pressure.

High Intensity Classes: increase your fitness, target muscles and get the most out of your workouts!

Low Intensity Classes: These classes are great for beginners or those wanting to reduce stress and work on stretching your muscles.

Dance: Dancing isn’t just for the clubbing, you can enjoy them as part of your exercise route too! Move and groove your way to fitness with a range of dance styles and music.

Group Cycling: A high-intensity class on stationary bikes! Our instructors will put you through your paces, switching between gears and motivating you towards your goals! Great for those wanting increase cardio muscles and stamina as well as keeping low impact on your knees and joints.

Our Suggestions:

Les Mills Launch

Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th January at Centre AT7 and The Alan Higgs Centre.

We’re starting off the year with a fresh introduction to Les Mills classes. These are perfect for any new members to join our classes or a regular member wanting to challenge themselves more, these are perfect taster sessions for you!

These extra bonus classes count toward this challenge, so why not join in! Available to join via the Mywellness app!

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Xcel Leisure Centre
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Moat House Leisure Centre
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