Heike’s Story

Meet Heike, who has recently joined our Lifestyles classes this year at The Wave and has been taking part in our classes linked with Diabetes UK!

“I went to my GP in November 2021, as I was very tired. After taking some blood tests, it was confirmed that I had Type 2 diabetes.

I was asked if wanted to take metformin tablets or try healthy eating. I chose the tablets and my world fell apart. I stayed in bed and did not eat, consequently getting weaker. In March 2022, I went for the HbA1c blood test in which my GP was not happy with the result but said it could be improved by more exercise. By this time, I was unable to hold a teacup and had to go upstairs on my hands and knees.

After receiving a carer’s bulletin which had a link to the Diabetes UK website, I saw an advertisement about an exercise class for diabetes patients at The Wave in Coventry. I decided to join this class, which has a friendly group of people all in the same boat as me.

In the first week, we were asked to walk around the room to loosen up, we had chair and standing exercises, and were weighed. Each week more exercises were added.

By week 5, I had ditched my arm and knee support bandages and could walk without my walking stick. My energy came back, and I felt good. More exercises were added, and I continued to walk and exercise at home.

By week 10, my muscle mass increased. I now drink lots more water, I have cut sugar from my diet and eat much more fruit, vegetables, and healthy fats.

If you get the chance to do a class like this, do not hesitate, if can do it, so can you!

Thank you Diabetes UK.”

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