February Challenge: 5 day winter warmer challenge

Our next challenge is here! Let’s see who can MOVE the most!

If you hit 5000 moves, you are entered into the prize draw for a one day Mana Spa guest pass – A winner will be picked at random.

Running from: 12th February to 16th February 2024.

Available at: Centre AT7, The Alan Higgs Centre, The Wave, Xcel Leisure Centre and Moat House Leisure and Neighbourhood Centre.

Join in the challenge today on the Mywellness app!

What you’ll need:
A Mywellness account to track your progress.
Join the challenge to ensure you track your progress!

Image of a person on a bike in the gym at The Alan Higgs Centre

Our tips for tracking your progress during this challenge!

For logging into the machines at our Centres

Ensure that you can your band/ fob or MyWellness App QR code is scanned to track your progress. On certan machines, you may have to manually imput this into the MyWellness app. You’ll be able to find this in the ‘My Movement’ Tab under ‘Add results’.

For Group Exercise, Swimming or Stretches

You’ll need to manually log your activity by going into the ‘add results’ section and finding your exercise / class. You can also select exercises or machines that require manual input in the ‘do it yourself tab’.

Going on an outdoor walk or run?

Track your outdoor activity by scrolling down to the bottom of the homepage on your mywellness app and selecting ‘Outdoor Activity Tracking’. Apps can also be connected if you still need to show off your Personal Best on all the platforms.
We recommend the Wellness Walking Club to boost your moves and connect with fellow walkers!

Group Exercise Class - People having fun

Whats are MOVEs?

MOVEs are the ultimate unit of measurement for objectively assessing your lifestyle, based on the exercise you do regardless of your genderage or fitness level

?Any action you take that involves movement will be accurately tracked and recorded.

To give you a better understanding of how MOVEs are taken, here is an easy example:

  1. Five flights of stairs are considered 50 MOVEs;
  2. A nice walk of half an hour equals to 200 MOVEs;
  3. But if instead of walking for half an hour you decide to run, well… the 200 MOVEs will become 400 MOVEs, twice as many!

MOVEs can be checked and counted in the Technogym Wellness App in the activity section, which has a graph that shows how many moves you have done Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

It’s suggested that you to do at least 1000 MOVEs every day!

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