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Biocircuit™ at Xcel Leisure Centre offers a personalized workout to help you achieve your fitness goals in a short amount of time. The guided program delivers an engaging experience that requires no adjustments or wait time.

Memberships and Bolt ons

BioCircuit Membership

This biocircuit membership is exclusive to biocircuit at Xcel Leisure Centre only and does not include normal lifestyles membership access.

and Swim + Health Suite Membership

Gain access to BioCircuit at Xcel Leisure Centre PLUS:

Anytime access to the 25m pool and health suite at Xcel Leisure Centre only Monday – Friday and all sites on weekends (Subject to availability).

Please Note: Access to this membership’s swimming and health suite is instant, whilst awaiting Bio-Circuit opening.

BioCircuit Bolt On

Available to those with an existing Lifestyles Membership who wish add the Biocircuit experience to their package.

Biocircuit training programmes for everyone

The Biocircuit training programmes have been developed to get the best possible results more efficiently. We designed exercises, workloads, pace and rest times to deliver personalised training programmes for every type of user.

Boost your energy and mood with increased muscle strength and improved posture.

Raise your metabolic rate for a slimmer shape by burning more calories and increasing muscle strength.

Look and feel great by improving muscle balance and harmony, toning postural muscles and increasing joint flexibility.

Enhance your quality of life with a safe strength training programme that is beneficial to your energy level, bone health and mood.

Increase athletic performance, improve muscle power and ignite your competitive spirit with high intensity training.

Your Biocircuit Journey

Attending your first session

Check in at the Kiosk

The set up begins at the Biocircuit Kiosk, where you log in. Using your Lifestyles Fitness Band, scan the band onto the kiosk and link your MyWellness account with the programme.

Cardio Setup

During the cardio equipment setup, our Lifestyles instructor will assist you in selecting the appropriate effort level, adjusting it as needed.

Strength Setup

During the strength setup, you’ll be able to adjust the seat position, assess your ROM and perform a isokinetic text to determine the programme workload.

Learn about Nina’s journey with Biocircuit, which enabled her to reverse her prediabetes diagnosis in the space of four months

Your Journey Afterwards

Once you have set up your initial first workout, all you need to do is sign in, select your biocircuit kiosk programme and start your workout! You’ll be directed to your first station, be it first on the list or, if occupied, the next available station.

During your session

The Biocircuit machine will automatically adjust to your preset. Just simply start exercising without the need to log in.

All the machines are preset with a 3’15” workout time on Run, Bike and Synchro.

You’ll be able to adjust the speed, incline or power on these machines.

Onto the next station

You’ll be directed to the following stations with a 30″ rest time for transition, with Biostrength equipment lasting 45″.

You’ll be able to adjust the workload during this rest time.

Guided by MyWellness and our instructors

You can check the My Wellness app or Biocircuit Kiosk your results after 2 laps.

Looking for unique programmes? Our Lifestyles Instructors will be able to set personalised programmes within the system so you can challenge yourself each time you attend a Bio Circuit session.

The Biocircuit Equipment

Leg Curl
Focuses on your hamstring muscles in a safe, effective way from a sitting position.

Leg Extension
Keeps knee joint in the correct position throughout exercise.

Shoulder Press
Exercise your shoulders and arms with maximum safety from a comfortable, comfortable sitting position.

Vertical Traction
Safely build strength in the latissimus dorsi (large back muscle, located in the middle) and arm muscles from an comfortable sitting position.

Total Abdominal
Ideal for building abdominal muscles and strengthening hip flexors from a stable and comfortable position.

Chest Press
Builds strength in the pectoral and arm muscles in a safe, effective way. It’s ideal for all types of users and sports professionals.

Boost your sprinting and improve your running, walk distances indoors and protect your joints. This machine helps triggers blood circulation and improves cardiac efficiency.

Upright Bike
Focus for cardio work and strengthening your lower body muscles (calves, thighs and glutes). Arms and Abs can also get a work out at a lesser extent.

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